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Tree Removal

100 Year-old dying oak, diseased Hemlock, scary pine trees. No matter the reason or location Asheville Arborcare can assist with the safe removal of trees with minimal disturbance to structures and landscaping. 

Storm Cleanup 

When Mother Nature reeks havoc on your property call us to coordinate the cleanup whether it be a few limbs and leaves to extensive damage to flora and structures.

View Clearing

When you bought your home, the view of the beautiful mountains and valleys here in Western North Carolina greatly influenced your choice. If it's time to put your home back on the market or you just want to rejuvenate that view call us first! Thinning and view clearing can also be a great way to quickly increase the resale value and appeal on undeveloped building lots. This could give your home or property the edge in today's tough market to sell for more money, faster!

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

This exotic, invasive bug feeds by sucking sap from Carolina and Eastern Hemlocks here in the Appalachians. They are threatening to eradicate these trees if not controlled. If you notice your Hemlocks' looking rough or look like this one in the picture to the left, call us immediately for a comprehensive treatment program and fertilizer to rejuvenate your beautiful Hemlocks!

Special Projects

Christmas lights to zip-lines. Asheville Arborcare can provide all your rigging needs for fun projects in your canopy. Looking for a classic tree swing or need to brace a weak crotch in your tree? We can help you find the safest, most effective way to achieve your goals.