Tree Removal Tree Removal Christian Edens 175244600 Christian Edens 175244601 After removing the top of a yellow pine in Lilburn, GA. Most trees must be climbed and removed in small pieces. 175244602 Christian Edens 175244603 Christian Edens 175244604 Removing a dead tree from the top down while surrounded by live power lines a few feet on either side for Mr. Niebhur in Lilburn 175244605 Christian Edens 175244606 Christian Edens 175244607 Christian Edens 177065728 Christian Edens 177065727 Forrest Edens 177065725 Removing a large dead tree that was leaning towards the neighbor's home and held up only by vines in Hendersonville. 177065726 Brush being loaded into the truck for recycling from Mr. and Mrs. Pisano's house in Avery's Creek. 177299307 177299306 177299305 177299304 177299303 Before... 183636732 After... 183636733 195059407 195059408 195059409 Frank Mulhair 195059410